About Us

Our Story

We love broadcasting!

Think about how far radio has come since its inception. From needing millions of dollars and giant towers to being able to broadcast around the world in Digital HD stereo from an iPad.

That’s the power of internet radio!

Our mission is to make it simple and affordable for everyone.

How We Started

In 2008 we were national radio consultants helping AM & FM radio station owners solve problems and create new formats. Many of those owners asked us how to put their stations on the internet and we made that happen for them. We eventually fell in love with the technology of internet broadcasting ourselves and evolved Broadcast Matrix into what it is today.

What We Do

We provide internet radio stream hosting for AM and FM radio stations, internet radio broadcasters and webcasters of all types large and small. Our network is located within world class data centers where dedicated engineers continuously monitor system health 24/7/365. Premium bandwidth and multiple layers of redundancy allow us to consistently deliver reliable service.

Authentic Personal Service

We have spent our lives in broadcasting and see people who use our services and need our help as friends. From the day we began in 2008 the main difference that has set us apart from all the others has been the authentic relationships we’ve built with our customers. That is also why most of our original customers are still with us after all these years. Caring, personal service made in the USA.

Not sure where to start? We are happy to answer your questions.